Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2nd UPDATE: Malicious Wounding Incident 11-28-16

For Immediate Release


Additional charges were obtained for David D. Wood, 26, of 17524 Bridle Drive, Abingdon in regards to the malicious wounding incident. He is charged with Attempted First Degree Murder, in violation of § 18.2-26/18.2-32 of the Code of Virginia; Burglary with Intent to Commit Murder, in violation of § 18.2-90 of the Code of Virginia; Assault on a Family Member or Household Member, in violation of § 18.2-57.2 of the Code of Virginia; and two counts of Child Endangerment, in violation of § 40.1-103 of the Code of Virginia.

Wood is still being held at the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail without bond. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

UPDATE- Malicious Wounding Incident 11-28-16

Abingdon Police Department


For Immediate Release

On Monday, November 28, 2016, at approximately 9:30 AM, Abingdon Police Officer J.N. Carty observed a 2005 maroon Mazada 6 speeding in the 800 block of Baugh Lane. As Officer Carty tried to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle fled onto Thompson Drive in an attempted to elude the officer. The vehicle continued from Thompson Drive to Walden Road then to Old Saltworks Road. The pursuit ended at the intersection of Old Saltworks Road and Northridge Road when the suspect vehicle crashed. The suspect fled on foot and after a brief foot chase, Officer Carty apprehended David D. Wood, 26, of 17524 Bridle Drive, Abingdon.

At approximately 9:42 AM, Abingdon Police officers were dispatched to 373 Morningside Drive Apartment 1 in reference to a malicious wounding incident. Upon arrival, officers found a male victim laying on the floor with multiple stab wounds. The victim, Jack E. Kent, 26, of 373 Morningside Drive, Abingdon, was transported to Johnston Memorial Hospital in serious condition by the Washington County Life Saving Crew.

It was determined  that the suspect in the vehicle pursuit, David D. Wood, was the same suspect who was involved in the malicious wounding incident on Morningside Drive.

Wood is currently being held without bond at the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail under the charges of Felony Eluding by Speed, in violation of § 46.2-817 of the Code of Virginia; and Resisting Arrest, in violation of § 18.2-479.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Additional charges in regards to the malicious wounding incident are pending. 

Pictured: David D. Wood, 26, of 17524 Bridle Drive, Abingdon

Malicious Wounding Incident 11-28-16

Abingdon Police Department

For Immediate Release

On Monday, November 28, 2016, at approximately 9:30 AM, Abingdon Police Department officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Morningside Drive in reference to a malicious wounding. The suspect fled the scene leading officers on a brief pursuit. The pursuit ended with the suspect crashing and fleeing on foot. After a foot pursuit with officers, the suspect was apprehended.

There is no additional information to release at this time.

The APD will provide an update upon gathering further details. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Put Your Butt Where It Belongs!

Abingdon Police Department

For Immediate Release

Put Your Butt Where It Belongs!

If you smoke, please put your cigarette butts in the ash tray —not out the car window, not in the gutter, not on the street, not on the lawn, and not in our streams.

Cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic that degrades slowly in the environment.  Filters are designed to trap carcinogenic chemicals that smokers don’t want in their lungs and bloodstream. Littered butts are blown by wind and storm water runoff into nearby water bodies. Cancer causing agents in the filters leak into aquatic ecosystems, threatening the quality of the water and aquatic life. Cigarette filters have been found in the stomachs of fish and birds who mistake them for food.

According to Keep America Beautiful, Inc., smokers litter about 4.5 trillion cigarette butts yearly. Smoldering cigarette butts tossed from car windows can easily ignite leaf piles and cause forest fires. The current dry conditions greatly increase the risk of fire from tossing a burning cigarette from a vehicle window.

Littering is illegal, although most people are unaware of littering fines. Section 33.1-346 of the Code of Virginia makes littering or dumping trash a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500.

Further, Section 10.1-1143 of the Forestry Code makes it unlawful to throw “any lighted smoking material” from a vehicle. This is a Class 2 misdemeanor violation, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. (With either the Class 1 or Class 2 offense, community service can take the place of jail time.)

People who litter are showing their careless disregard for the property and well being of others and the environment. Keep America Beautiful studies have shown that one of the reasons litterbugs feel it is okay to litter is because they believe someone else is paid to clean it up. That’s true. The Virginia Department of Transportation spends about $6.5 million a year on litter control on nearly 57,000 miles of interstate, primary and secondary roads. That’s $6.5 million of taxpayer money that otherwise could have been spent on highway repair projects.

In addition to what VDOT collects, Adopt-a-Highway volunteers pick up about 3 million bags worth of trash annually from 14,000 miles of Virginia’s roads.

Please don’t litter. Put your butt where it belongs—in the ash tray.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lieutenant Promotion

Abingdon Police Department

For Immediate Release

The Abingdon Police Department is pleased to announce the promotion of Officer Jonathan T. Holbrook to the position of Lieutenant. In his new role, Officer Holbrook will supervise the investigative division, evidence, accreditation, and the school resource officers.

Jon joined the department as a patrol officer in January, 2004. For the last 12 years, he has served as a patrol officer, accreditation manager, an academy instructor, and a member of the Highlands Regional Crash Team. Officer Holbrook is a graduate of Virginia Tech University with an undergraduate degree in Business Technology (2002), and a graduate certificate in Local Government Management (2012).

Lieutenant Holbrook assumed the duties of his new position on November 14th.  

Pictured: Lieutenant J.T. Holbrook

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Buddy Poppies - VFW Post 1994

On November 11th, 12th, and 14th, the VFW Post 1994 will be distributing Buddy Poppies to remember all Veterans. They will be distributing the poppies at the Food City, Kroger, and Food Country (West Main location) in Abingdon from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On November 12th, they will be at the Food Country in Glade Spring from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. For more information, contact the VFW Post 1994 at VFWPost1994@gmail.com.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Social Media Survey

Abingdon Police Department

For Immediate Release

The Abingdon Police Department is conducting a citizen’s survey to determine how well the department is meeting the needs of the public on Social Media. The survey is part of the department’s efforts to improve communications between the department and the community.
“It is our hope that this survey will allow us to better serve the communication needs of our community and will create opportunities for us to improve our electronic notifications and content,” said Police Chief Tony Sullivan.  
The survey is anonymous.
The survey can be accessed at:
A link is available on the Police Department blog and will be posted on the department’s social media pages.

It will be available for submissions until Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

Declaration of Local Emergency - Burn Ban