Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SCAM ALERT - 6-28-16

Abingdon Police Department 


Farris Funeral Service has received several calls from the public regarding a scam linked to their number. The public has informed them that they have received calls from a number showing on caller ID as Farris Funeral Service, and when they answer there is a recorded voice stating “we wish to talk with the person about their credit rating.” The number being used is 276-628-7983, which is not the listed number for Farris Funeral Service.

Farris has contacted BVU and made them aware of the situation. They wanted the public to know that they would never use recorded messages, nor call to discuss personal matters such as credit ratings. Also, they apologize to those who may have received such scam calls attached to their name.

The APD reminds people NEVER to provide any information, such as bank accounts, credit cards, your social security number or birth date, to these callers. If you have a phone provider that will allow you to block these numbers, please do so to prevent future calls. Please notify your family, friends, and neighbors about these scams so that no one falls victim to these predators.


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