Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Practice Safe “Pokemoning”

Abingdon Police Department


For Immediate Release

Practice Safe “Pokemoning”

Pokémon Go has been downloaded to nearly 8 million devices in the United States. With this many players, incidents are going to happen. Our goal is to insure that players and non-players are safe.

Attention all Pokémon trainers, we need your help. As you pursue Pikachu, or any other Poké-characters, please use caution.  Sometimes people do not understand that you are playing in augmented reality. Remember in the real world, laws apply.

In Abingdon, some arenas are off limits. When you see Squirtle hiding behind a tombstone in the cemetery after sundown, DO NOT pursue him. It is a trap! He is trying to get you arrested. In the Virginia gym, you are prohibited from entering a cemetery after dark.

Likewise, public parks are OFF limits after sundown! If you see Piplup on the swings, sliding down the sliding board, hiding behind a picnic table or running down the Creeper Trail, do not give chase. Once again, this is a trap devised by the Pokémon characters to get you arrested, and remove you from the game.

In reality, trespassing DOES exist.  You can try to explain to the judge that you were running through Mrs. O'Leary's backyard at three in the morning trying to throw a Pokéball at the Sandshrew, but most likely he will still convict you of trespassing.

Always remember that the laws of physics are still applicable. If you find a Pokéstop in the middle of Main Street, you will not possess enough potions or stardust to repair your broken body when you discover Newton's second law of motion, as you become the temporary hood ornament for a Buick. Make sure that you are alert when crossing streets.

Finally, many people may consider playing via automobile to cover greater territory; DON’T.

As you travel to incubate or evolve, we ask that you be respectful of the private property rights of others. In the Abingdon arena, law and order always wins.

We encourage safe and fair play at all times. However, some trainers may get so engrossed in capturing Shaymin that they forget the rules of society. In short, keep your hands to yourself, do not enter other peoples' property without permission, stay out of cemeteries and public parks after dark, don't touch other peoples' stuff, look both ways before crossing the street, don't play in the road, always use good manners, and remember we are in the south y’all, be kind to one another. Maybe you can team with Pikachu to spread joy and happiness in the real world.


  1. My compliments to the writer. Clear, informative, easy to understand, friendly and humorous. Excellent work.

    A former PR pro