Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Safety Tips (Wednesday)

Today's Halloween Safety Tips
Traffic Laws Still Apply on Halloween 
Halloween is also a time when people forget about the normal, day to day, traffic laws and take risks that would normally not be considered any other day of the year. For instance:

*     Riding in the back of a pickup truck. State Code 46.2-1156.1 states "No person under sixteen years of age shall be transported in the rear cargo area of any pickup truck on the highways of Virginia. The provisions of this section shall not apply to transportation of persons in the bed of any pickup truck being operated (i) as part of an organized parade authorized by the Department of Transportation or the locality in which the parade is being conducted or (ii) on or across a highway from one field or parcel of land to another field or parcel of land in connection with farming operations." Just because it is Halloween, you cannot simply ride from street to street in the back of a truck or towed vehicle.

*     Seatbelt Usage. State Code 46.2-1094 requires the use of seat belts for all front seat passengers over the age of sixteen. Further, 46.2-1095 states that child safety seats are also required to be used for children under eight years old. For information on the correct seat, visit:

*     Riding in open cargo areas or hatchbacks. This is a common practice on Halloween.  However, the code requires passengers under sixteen to seat a seatbelt or be secured in a child safety seat.

*     Riding in towed vehicles. Hay rides, while great fun on the farm, are not permitted on public streets. The passenger restraint requirements prohibit passengers from riding in towed wagons and trailers. 

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