Monday, September 19, 2016

Bicycle Thefts

Abingdon Police Department

For Immediate Release

Since July 31, 2016, the Abingdon Police have received seven (7) reports of bicycle thefts that have occurred within the town limits. There have been eight bicycles (8) stolen within the areas of Trigg Street, Nicholas Street, Norfolk Street, Beverly Drive, and Humes Street. At this time, these bicycle thefts are being investigated as related incidents. If you have any information, call the APD Crime Tip Line at 1-844-200-TIPS (8477).

The Abingdon Police Department has compiled some theft prevention tips to help reduce the chance that YOUR bike will be stolen. 

"Do's and Don'ts" of Bicycle Theft Prevention

·         Mark you bike- with an identification number. Engrave this on the frame of the bike
            (example: MD A -123-456-789-123).
·         Store your bike in the house.
·         Insure- your bike against theft. Check to see if your homeowners or renters insurance         automatically cover it, or if it has to be specifically listed.
·         Record the Make/Model/Serial Number of Your Bike- Find the serial number of your     bike near the rear wheel or beneath the bottom bracket where the pedals attach. Write it down and put it in a safe place. Take a color photograph of your bike to give to the police if your bike is stolen. Keep it with your bicycle receipt.

Do Not:

·         Leave your bike in the yard.
·         Leave your bike in your garage with the garage door open.
·         Walk away from your bike, thinking you will only be gone a few seconds.
·         Hide your bike behind bushes and think it is safe.
·         Let strangers ride your bike (They may not bring it back!).

Lock It Up!

·         Every time you leave your bike unattended, lock it up! Use a theft-proof chain, cable, or bar lock to attach it to a sturdy, fixed object.

·         Lock your bike in a well-lighted area where it can seen from inside a building.

·         Remember to lock up your bike at home.

Pictured: Two of the stolen bicycles. 


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