Thursday, September 29, 2016

SRO You Should Know- Abingdon High School

SRO You Should Know

The Abingdon Police Department supplies a full-time School Resource Officer to Abingdon High School for the school year. Officer O.A. Hay has been the designated School Resource Officer for five (5) years. After finishing up his military duty, he started in law enforcement, and now has 29 years of service.

When asked what he liked best about his job as a SRO. Officer Hay responded, “I like being with the kids and helping in different ways. Also, I provide an approachable outlet for kids to ask questions or to talk about issues.”

The SRO program is designed to promote and foster the ongoing partnership between law enforcement, the school system, and the community to ensure safer schools, successful students, and productive citizens. Thank you, Officer Hay for all you do for the community! 

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